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Q&A | Lewis Down

We sat down with weavers Goalkeeper Lewis Down to ask him a few questions about the season.

1: What your match of the season in terms of your own personal performance and why?

LD: For me personally i would have to go for our 1-0 home win in the FA vase to Brantham Athletic! This game was a history maker for the club and I felt proud to have been a part of it. We all performed well and battled to keep a clean sheet.

2.: Who has been your player of the season and why?

LD: My player of the season has to be the big man Jaffa! He has been fantastic this season and puts 100% in whether he’s up top or in defence!.

3: What do you think was the best team performance of the season?.

LD: The best team performance i think was our 2-0 away win to Halstead! This game was days after Christmas and for the whole game we dug deep. Halstead put us under a lot of pressure but the teams communication was on point which made us stronger!.

4: What score would you give yourself and the team for this past season?
LD: So I would say this season for me was a 7/8 out of 10, mainly because personally i found that i was welcomed to such a brilliant club and with Cliff’s guidance he’s helped me find happiness in football again! Also, there’s always room for improvement As a team we had a tricky start to the season but bounced back with an incredible unbeaten streak! But overall I would say our season has been an 8/10 as I know with the squad we have for next season will be even better!

5: How have you found this break without football and what are your hopes for the new season when that finally starts?

LD: To be honest I’m missing football a lot! Like ive said before United have made me feel so welcomed this season and i cant wait to get back to it with the lads! If we start the next season like we finished this one i don’t see us doing anything other than battling at the top! Its what the fans and the club deserve!

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