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Q&A With Nicro Farthing

Q&A | Nico Farthing

We sat down with weavers player Nico Farthing to ask him a few questions.

  1. What your match of the season in terms of your own personal performance and why?

Nico “My match of the season would be against Brantham in the FA cup when we held out a 1-0 win. As a team, we all performed exceptionally. I have played enough football to know when I play well and when I have a shocker, however, that game against Brantham was probably my best performance, made easier by the fact they kept crossing the ball from deep (centre backs dream). I have spent a few years at Brantham in the past and they are a great club, so it was a bittersweet result.”

  1. Who has been your player of the season and why?

Dobbo has been consistent all season. Despite his age (56), he is extremely versatile, he has played left-back, centre half, left side of a back 3, centre mid and I have never had a bad game. Great character to have in the changing room. In Dobbo we trust.

  1. What do you think was the best team performance of the season?

Our team’s best performance would be our 2-0 win against Halstead (away) around Christmas time. I have also spent many years at Halstead and I love the club. However, beating your old team is always enjoyable. It felt like a proper derby game, raining, muddy pitch, big crowd, naughty tackles. However, our shape, attitude and togetherness during the game were incredible and we got the result.

  1. What score would you give yourself and the team for this past season? Myself- 8/10, Defensively I performed well, lack of fitness let me down.

Team- 9/10. Coggeshall had lost a lot of players just before the start of the season. So we were trying to re-build again, however the whole team had a great attitude throughout the whole season and before lockdown, we were getting the results and were in a great position to challenge for the league and get promoted.

  1. How have you found this break without football and what are your hopes for the new season when that finally starts?

Hated it!

I’m a teacher in the week and work long hours, football and being with ‘the lads’ helps me to get away from everything. The lockdown and lack of football has definitely affected my mental health and it has been challenging. I know many others have also felt the effect of the lockdown and just like me, the boys can’t wait to get back playing and grabbing a cup of tea before the game. Being so close to the league and getting that promotion the boys really wanted is frustrating. However, I do honestly believe that now we know we can compete for the league, that will just give the boys the confidence to challenge again for the league next season. On a personal note, I have been working hard through the lockdown and have been trying to get my fitness back to a level that matches beddy (it should only take me 25 years of continuous running).

  1. As a key worker yourself, what is like with the current lockdown being eased?

Having the children return to school has been exceptionally difficult and its sad to see the difference in environments from before the lockdown. However, there are so many positives regarding the easing of lockdown, we can see family, friends and even get back and doing some form of football-related activities. Seeing some form of normality, no matter how small has really helped to keep myself and colleagues positive.

7: We hear you have a big WWE fan. If your teammates were wrestlers, who would they be and why?”

I love WWE.

100%, Cliff is Booker T. Same hair, Booker T was ex-world champion and now has taken a back seat and now sits on the sidelines. I’ve seen cliff do a few spinarooneys during training.

Myself is brock Lesnar, we have had a few jokes about this throughout the season. I’m hoping it’s for the muscle, however, I believe it could be because he’s not the best looking…

Beddy is Rey Mysterio, He is fast, agile and flies around the ring 619ing people, just like beddy on a football pitch.

Kris Oti- The Rock… No other reason than they both love themselves.

Dobbo is Sheamus, I think it has something to do with the hair.

Jaffa has to be the Big Show. He’s the biggest, strongest in the team and steps over the hording like The Big Show stepping over the top rope.

Tim Claydon- Paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaauuuuuuuuuuuullllllllllllllll Heymen

Lewis Down- Rikishi………….. Sorry

Lewis Soraf-Braun strawman, same size, same hair and the same suppleness.

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